July 18-22!

Hey Biology! This week read about the different research approaches the Weretilnyk lab uses and check out the fun seminar below!

Wednesday (July 20) – @ 4pm a Special Biology seminar will be occurring with Dr. Jose Lopez-Barneo (University of Seville) on “Oxygen sensing and stem cells in the carotid body: Role in adaptation to hypoxia” in HSC 4E20! Learn more about Dr. Lopez-Barneo’s work here!

Keep an eye out for other exciting events and have a great week!

July 4-8!

Here they Biology! Hope you had a great Canada Day long weekend! This week be sure to check out July’s lab of the month featuring the Weretilnyk lab and what they study! Also, be sure to keep an eye out for exciting events happening this week!

Wednesday (July 6) – @ 10am a special Biology seminar by Dr. Jyoti Shah (U North Texas) on “Plant-pest interaction: A tug-of-war for supremacy” will be happening in LSB 212A!

Have a great week Biology!

June 27 – July 1!

Hey Biology! Not too many events are happening this week, but be sure to check out:

Tuesday (June 28) – from 12-3pm the BGSS will be hosting a Fun in the Sun Fundraiser on the LSB patio! Come out for cool beverages ($1-2) and treats ($2-3)!

Friday (July 1)HAPPY CANADA DAY!

And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for other exciting events happening this week!

June 20-24!

Hey there Biology! Here are a few events happening this week you may be interested in!

Wednesday (June 22) – @ 12:30pm WISE will be holding their Mentor of the Month program with Dr. Sandra Monteiro presenting on “Finding work-life balance in academia – A personal story of success” in ETB 535! Learn more about this presentation and sign up to attend here!

Friday (June 24) – @ noon the Biology of Aging seminar series will be having Dr. Leslie MacNeil (McMaster U) present on “Gut reaction: Why the microbiome is so vital to your brain” in MDCL 3024! Be sure to get there by 11:45 to pick up some pizza and beverages!

Have a great week Biology and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for other exciting seminars happening on campus!

April 18-22!

Hey fellow Biologists! This week be sure to read about why you don’t see the Chow-Fraser lab around LSB in the summer, and don’t forget to check out the exciting event happening this week!

Monday (April 18) – The Spring Water Forum kicks off today for it’s week long Big Ideas, Better Cities showcase! Starting at 2pm Dr. Patrick Ray (U Massachusetts) will be presenting on “Confronting climate uncertainty in water resource planning and project design”!

Check out their website for more details and all the events that are happening this week!

Have a great week Biology!

April 4-8!

Hey Biology! April’s lab of the month is the Chow-Fraser lab! Be sure to check back weekly to learn about the awesome research conducted in their lab! This week meet part of their lab!

Tuesday (April 5) – @ 4pm Vox Physiologica will be having Dr. Milica Mandic (U Ottawa) present on “Mechanisms and evolution of hypoxia tolerance in fish” in LSB 213A!

Wednesday (April 6) – @ 3:30pm the Physics and Astronomy Colloquium will be having Dr. Ribhu Kaul (U Kentucky) present on “Quantum critical phenomena and renormalization group flows” in ABB 102!

Thursday (April 7) – @ 4pm the Biology seminar will be having Dr. Peter Buston (Boston U) present on “Why some individuals forgo reproduction in complex societies” in HSC 1A4!

Keep your eyes open for other exciting seminars!