Past Lab of the Months!

Miss a post for a past Lab of the Month? Read it here!

Lake WhitefishJanuary 2015 – The Wilson Toxicology Lab

– Meet the Wilson Lab (pt.1)
– Meet the Wilson Lab (pt.2)
– To the Lake!
– Why Join the Wilson Tox Lab?

Daniel KaisoFebruary 2015 – The Daniel Lab

– About the Daniel Lab!
– Meet the Daniel Lab!
– Going to Nigeria!
– Scientists by day, artists by night!

Evans Ben 2March 2015 – The Evans Lab

Meet the Evans Lab!
What’s your research?
How to catch Xenopus!
Working with the ROM!

April 2015 – The Elliot Lab

What We Study!
Why We Are Here!
Techniques We Use!
Lab Quotes!

May 2015 – The Bolker and Dushoff Labs

About the Bolker Lab!
About the Dushoff Lab!
Meet the Bolker Lab!
Meet the Dushoff Lab!


Drosophila - red eyeJune 2015 – The O’Donnell Lab

Research in the O’Donnell Lab!
Meet the O’Donnell Lab!
Invertebrates by Day, Vertebrates by Night!
What’s the Buzz?

arabidopsisSeedlingsSeptember 2015 – The Cameron Lab

What We Study!
Age-related Resistance!
Systemic Acquired Resistance!
Gardening & Science!


Mef,int2October 2015 – The Jacobs Lab

– Go to your bosom: Knock there, and ask your heart what it doth know.
– Exploring behaviour!
– The ECM and heart growth!
– Heart growth and aging!


Quinn1dNovember 2015 – The Quinn Lab

– Why our research is cool!
– Why our birds are cool!
– Why we joined the lab!
– Field work tales and fails!


Stone2 arbacia

February 2016 – The Stone Lab

– Team Sea Urchin!
– Team Tardigrade!
– Team Computational!
– Team Other!


Field 12April 2016 – The Chow-Fraser Lab

– Meet the Chow-Fraser Lab: Pt. 1!
– Meet the Chow-Fraser Lab: Pt. 2!
– Why our lab is usually empty in the summer – field work!!
– We are passionate about our work!

WerenLab2aJuly 2016 – The Weretilnyk Lab

What we study!
Not all lab work – Yukon field work too!
Research approaches!
Meet the team!


October 2017 – The Xu Lab

What we work on!
Health-related research!
Fungal population genetics research!
Agricultural applications!



 November 2017 – The Dudley Lab

Bee work with Sebastian!
McMaster Forest with Jordan!
Kin Recognition with Alexandra!
Native Plant Restoration with Stefan!

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