About the BGSS

We are a collection of nerdy biology grad students who put on some pretty awesome events, feel free to join us!

2018-2019 Co-Presidents: Angela Fufeng & Soren Coulsen

Co-Secretary: Tamara Fuciarelli & Nicole McFarlane

Treasurer: Adrian Forsythe

Grad Academic Representatives: Oliver Wearing & Nicole McFarlane

Undergrad Academic Representatives: Emma Mulholland & Garrett Nunn

Seminar Co-ordinator: Greg Korfanty

Communications Coordinator: Christine West

Promotions and Graphic Designer: Lucy Zhang

VP Events: Himeshi Samarasinghe

Events Coordinators: Ronnie Moftakhari & Jordan Donders

VP Fundraising: Greg Korfanty

Fundraising Coordinators: Zach Dickson, Fei Zhang, Sarah Sandor, & Sam Long

Intramural Sports Coordinators: Tamara Fuciarelli & Nick Luymes

All Biology graduate students are sent email reminders about meetings, so feel free to come out!

Interested in being a part of the BGSS? Contact us! (macbgss@gmail.com)


Recent Posts

3 Minute Thesis Competition!

The 3MT competition is happening this week!

Heats 1-4 are held on March 13th and heats 5&6 are held on March 14th in the Concert Hall in LR Wilson Hall.

The final heat will take place on March 14th at 2:00pm.

Good luck to everyone participating, including fellow Biology graduate students Shane Taylor, Shawn Hercules, Sulayman Lyons, Sarah Sandor, and Zachery Dickson!!!

For more information visit the McMaster SGS 3MT page.

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