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We are a collection of nerdy biology grad students who put on some pretty awesome events, feel free to join us!

Our Executive Team is currently being pulled together for the 2017-2018 year, let us know if you want to be a part of it (macbgss@gmail.com)!

Co-Presidents: Adrian Forsynthe & Oliver Wearing



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Communications and Graphic Design Co-ordinators: Catie Ivy 

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We are always looking for more general members, so please let us know if you’re interested! (macbgss@gmail.com)


Recent Posts

Sept. 18-22, 2017!

Hey there, fellow biologists! Here’s a look at some of the cool seminars happening this week!

Monday (Sept. 18) – @ 2:30pm the Origins Colloquium will be having a talk by Dr. Adam Frank (U Rochester) on “In light of the stars: What astrobiology tells us about the Anthropocene” in MDCL 1110! Learn more about this talk here!

Tuesday (Sept. 19) – @ 4pm Andrea Murillo (Wilson Lab) will be giving a talk at Vox about “The heat shock response in embryonic and young-of-the-year juvenile round whitefish, Prosopium cylindraceum” in LSB 213A!

Wednesday (Sept. 20) – @ 3:30pm the Physics and Astronomy Colloquium will be having Dr. Ed Lyman (U Delware) present on “You are what you eat (and there are biophysical consequences)” in ABB 102! Learn more about this talk here!

Thursday (Sept. 21) – @ 4pm the Biology departmental seminar series will be happening in HSC 1A4 with a presentation from Dr. Carrie Shemanko (U Calgary) on “Endocrine acceleration of the vicious cycle of breast cancer and bone metastasis.”

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for other exciting seminars and events happening this week!

Also, don’t forget McMaster Water Week is coming soon (Oct. 30- Nov. 3) so sign up for the awesome events!

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