About the BGSS

We are a collection of enthusiastic biology grad students who put on some pretty awesome events. Feel free to join us!

2019-2020 Co-Presidents: Greg Korfanty  and Sarah Sandor

Co-Secretaries: Meagan Archer & Emma Mulholland

Treasurer: Sam Long

VP Events: Man You

VP Fundraising: Victoria Restivo 

Grad Academic Representative: Sulayman Lyons

Undergrad Academic Representative: Natalie Belu

Intramural Sports Coordinator: Shane Taylor

Communications Coordinator: Noah Xiao

Promotions and Graphic Designer: Elise Millar

Seminar Co-ordinator: Shemar Williams

Committee Members: Shixin Cui, Jacob DeVries, Zachary Dickson, Jordan Donders, YuYing Fan, Xiaobing Li, Susan Marsh-Rollo, Ronak Moftakhari, Lauren Negrazis, Albert Wu

Interested in being a part of the BGSS? Contact us! (bgss@mcmaster.ca)

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