Dec. 4-8!

Welcome to December, Biology! There are lots of exciting seminars happening this week, be sure to check them out!

Tuesday (Dec. 5) – @ 4pm Vox Physiologica will be having Hossein Mehdi (Balshine Lab) present on “Multi-stressor impacts on fish energetics and stress response: A comparison between lab and field studies” in LSB 213A!

Wednesday (Dec. 6) – @ 12:30pm WISE will be having their Mentor of the Month seminar in JHE 328 with Dr. Rosa da Silva! RSVP to this free event!

Thursday (Dec. 7) – @ 4pm the Biology Departmental seminar series will be having Dr. Robin Cameron (McMaster U) present on “Plant immunity: From inter-leaf communication to super immunity in aging Arabidposis” in HSC 1A4!

AND don’t forget to sign up for Holly Frolic!


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