October 3-7!

Hi Biology, be sure to check out the exciting events and seminars happening this week!

Monday (Oct. 3)

– @ 1pm the BGSS Welcome BBQ will be taking place at Alpine Tower until 5pm! Tickets are available at Alpine Tower ($5 for returning grad students, free for new students)!

– @ 2:30pm the Origins Colloquium will be having Dr. Janok Bhattachary (McMaster U) present on “Googling Earth and ogling planets: Transforming geomorphology in Earth Sciences” in MDCL 1110!

Tuesday (Oct. 4) – @ 4pm Vox Physiologica will be having Brittney Borowiec (Scott Lab) present in LSB 213A!

Wednesday (Oct. 5) – @ 12:30pm WISE will be having their Mentor of the Month presentation by Dr. Susan Searls Giroux on “The university we are for” in ETB 535!

Be sure to check your inboxes for other exciting seminars!


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