September 26-30!

Hey there Biology, this week be sure to check out the Welcome BBQ hosted by the BGSS and all the cool seminars happening this week!

Monday (Sept. 26) – @ 2:30pm the Origins Colloquium will be starting their seminar series with Dr. Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy (Scripps Research Institute) presenting on “Before and after the RNA world” in MDCL 1110!

Tuesday (Sept. 27) – @ 4:30pm Vox Physiologica will be having Aneesh Bose (Balshine Lab) present in LSB 213A!

Wednesday (Sept. 28)

– @ 12:30pm the EEB seminar series will be having Dr. Paul Sharp present in MDCL 1010!

– @ 3:30pm the Physics and Astronomy Colloquium will be having Dr. Colin Denniston (Western U) present on “Designing colloidal structures in liquid crystals” in ABB 102!

Friday (Sept. 30) – starting at noon, the BGSS Welcome BBQ at the Apline Tower will be happenings! This event will be free for new students and $5 for returning students! In addition to food there will also be a raffle and the ability to climb the tower! Be sure to bring comfortable shoes!



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