September 19-23!

Hey there fellow Biologists, be sure to check out the exciting seminars and events happening this week!

Tuesday (Sept. 20)

– @ 4pm Vox Physiologica will be having Vadim Aksenov (Rollo Lab) present on “Sugar and spice, crickets and mice: Age, diet, and life history trade-offs” in LSB 213A!

– @ 4:30pm WISE will be having a new member information night in the LSB lounge (LSB 213)! RSVP to this event here!

Wednesday (Sept. 21) – @ 3:30pm the Physics and Astronomy Colloquium will be having a presentation by Dr. Christopher Wrede (Michigan State U) on “Laboratory experiments to probe thermonuclear astrophysical explosions” in ABB 102!

Thursday (Sept. 22) – @ 4pm the Biology Departmental seminar series will be having Dr. Charles Darveau (U Ottawa) present on “Diversity and evolution of flight energetics in insects” in HSC 1A4!

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for other exciting events and seminars happening this week and have a great week!


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